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Fariman's new single track "To ye marizi baby" featuring 2 deep the southern president is out now.

To ye marizi baby - Fariman featuring 2deep the southern president


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Born in 1985 in Tehran, Fariman grew up in the central district of the Iranian Capital. Since his childhood, Fariman has developed a special interest in Western pop and rock music. He started at an early age playing to the melodies of major artists on international stage at that time, such as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton, just to name a few. Since then, he has gradually become a genuine forerunner of new musical genres in Iran, a country that after the 1979 Islamic Revolution has prohibited foreign music, leaving the scene only to traditional motifs.

Musical career

Fariman started his musical career as a self-learner in early 2000s by studying the notes and voices of his favorite international singers. He learnt piano, guitar and drums at the age of 17, and started performing as solo singer when he was 20. Since then, he has been composing his own lyrics and producing his own sound, becoming thus a 360-degree musician able to independently create music from scratch.

In 2009, he became increasingly known as the first Iranian who sings fluently in English. His videos bear Western pop music industry’s influence, contrary to other Iranian contemporary singers who have been mostly performing in Persian following Iranian/Eastern musical base. Fariman soon started to be considered the first Iranian singer based in Iran to sing both in English and Persian and produce high quality videos with special effects unseen until that moment in Iran.

Fariman released his first single track on January 25, 2010, by the name “They won’t understand”. Six months later he released “They won’t understand” short film as his first official music video, featuring professional make-up artists and imported costumes, a huge leap forward on Iranian musical scene at that time. The music video was broadcast on many Iranian channels, until it became viral, especially on PMC music channel and GEM music TV, with over 40 million views.

His next successful single track was “Stay with me” featuring the well-known Iranian R&B singer Amir Tataloo, released on 25 Aug 2011.

Fariman’s following commercial hits were “Toro ba hameye khoobiat” and “Begoo ba man mimooni”, both released in Summer 2012.

In 2018 Fariman collaborated with other Iranian songwriters, creating a song “Champion” in support of the Iranian national football team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Fariman’s most recent single tracks are “To ye marizi baby”, released in January 2020, and “Never give up”, published in July 2020, both produced in cooperation with the American rapper “2Deep the Southern President”.

Today, Fariman has released more than 23 tracks, reaching hundred of thousands fans on his social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Telegram).

In 2020 he started his own fashion business by designing hoodies, t-shirts and hats for his fans with a special “Smile” logo, representing happiness and optimism, the leitmotif of Fariman’s lifestyle and musical production. It also represents his attempt to cheer his nation’s cultural scene, traditionally portrayed as sad and pessimistic.

In the first half of 2021 Fariman has been working on his new singles and a concert tour to be performed as soon as the Covid-19 restrictive measures are lifted.

On July 12th he has released his latest single track, “In Zendegi Male Mane” (in English “This Life is mine”).