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Fariman's new single track "To ye marizi baby" featuring 2 deep the southern president is out now.

To ye marizi baby - Fariman featuring 2deep the southern president

Rise from the fall (Feat Al Bano) is out now!

Rise from the fall (Feat Al Bano) is out now!

It was almost a year ago that Fariman announced his collaboration with Italian pop star Al Bano, and today, almost a year later, the song has been released worldwide. “Rise From The Fall” is a musical co-production between Fariman and the Italian legendary pop singer Al Bano on the topic of life and recovery after Covid-19. This musical collaboration is also intended to commemorate the Iranian-Italian joint fight against the pandemic and create a further cultural bridge between the two nations in music, a field in which the two countries have not produced significant joint artistic work yet.


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